Reflexology is normally carried out on the feet.  But we can use the points on the face, hands, ears and even the abdomen to promote the same relaxation and rebalancing.

We use our various skills within a reflexology session to assist you in reaching your health goals.

This is a complementary therapy, and completely adaptable whatever you are going through in life.

It does not matter what medication you are on, what treatment you are having or what you are experienceing - we have specialised training with a background in nursing and can adapt reflexology very specifically for you.

We have collectively over 35 years experience in Reflexology and continued regular CPD development training.

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If you are not sure what therapy you'd like to try book in for a Wellness Session or a Sacred Healing session and we will use a blend of therapies to suit your specific needs both are £40 for 60 minute session.