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So, how can Bach Flowers remedies help in fertility?

Aspen can help overcome the sense of uncertainty and uneasy or fearful feelings. It can help with the apprehension and anxiety brought about by the unknown. This is very helpful when going through tests and uncertainty.

There is a lot of waiting involved in trying to conceive.
Waiting for ovulation, waiting for your period, waiting for an irregular period to become regular and the "2 week wait" after your embryo transfer in IVF treatment.
Impatiens helps you to enjoy this waiting part of conceiving a baby a little more and brings about a sense of calmness when your patience is tested and you feel irritated or nervous with anticipation and you just can't wait.

Gentian is really helpful after a setback, of which there can be many when going through fertility.
This helps raise your spirits and optimism when you don't become pregnant or if fertility treatment was not successful. This is for when you feel disheartened. Gentian is useful for when you are wondering if you will ever become pregnant as it can help you rise above your difficulties.

White Chestnut
White Chestnut is great for persistent worrying, planning, debating with yourself and overthinking and worrying.
It helps to clear, declutter and quiet your mind.
Trying to conceive can naturally invoke repetitive, unwanted thoughts that can keep you awake at night and prevent you from concentrating. White Chestnut offers you peace of mind. Thinking becomes more controllable and worry is replaced by trust in a positive outcome.

This is for known fear (unlike Aspen which is more unspecific). This is helpful for IVF treatment, if you have fear of needles, fear of tests, fear of the drugs or the process.
It's helpful if you have a specific fear such as: "what happens if I can't get pregnant" or if you are frightened of losing a pregnancy.

It's very common to hide your pain behind a smile, when everyone else seems to be pregnant or having healthy babies. It can be an isolating time, as you may not even wish to show your true feelings to your partner.
Agrimony is helpful if you are experiencing inner anguish, and for when you need to communicate your feelings openly and accept that life does have unpleasant aspects.

Guilt is a huge deal for women in general. You can feel guilty for not getting pregnant and blame yourself. Feeling guilty for past lifestyle choices ranging from realistic to scenarios that are completely out of your hands.
Pine is the go-to remedy for guilt.

Olive can bring strength when you are mentally and physically drained and exhausted.
It's helpful if you are tired after work or fatigued with fertility treatment or even when your libido is low because you are tired.

Holly is helpful when you seek to find genuine pleasure in other people's joys, and balances your inner harmony when you have feelings of jealousy, anger, envy and sometimes even hatred.
It can help you feel more compassionate and loving.

Gorse helps when you feel extremely hopeless and desperate. There are times when life seems too hopeless and you have given up the fight. You feel that everything you do is hopeless. Gorse gives you a sense of faith and hope, despite physical and emotional despair.

Star of Bethlehem
This Essence helps you to deal with disappointment, unhappiness, trauma and bad news. For when you have had a loss or an unsuccessful IVF attempt and you are going through trauma and shock.

This Essence helps when your relationship is suffering because the baby-making has reached an obsessive stage with over-enthusiasm to the point where it has taken over.
Your head is in an overactive spin and you find it difficult to relax.
Vervain helps you to slow things down mentally and physically, and brings you into a state of balance.

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