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We are based in Lisburn City Centre.
We have created a diverse team of experienced and highly qualified holistic practitioners to meet the needs of all women and their families.

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Advanced Reflexogy Techniques (ART)

Maternity Reflexology (available from conception onwards)

Reflexology in Palliative Care

Reflexology for Women's Health

Adaptive techniques for Cancer Care

Managing Pain with Reflexology

Hot/Cold stone Reflexology

Reflexology for Babies and Children


Body Massage

Fertility Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Womb Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Adaptive Tecniques for Cancer

Swedish Massage

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Sacred Healing Massage Therapy

Baby and Infant Massage

Other Therapies

BodyTalk Total Health Care

Bach Flower Consultation 

Womb Blessing

Womb Healing

Reiki Master/Teacher

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) level 3


Shamanic Healing

Access Bars (Access Conciousness) 

Forensic Healing

Crystal Healing 

Angel Card Readings